Waldmeister at the German Museum

We can be really proud! The German Museum of Science and Technology selected our Waldmeister Bicycle to be displayed at the Special Exhibition Balancing Act – 200 Years of Cycling in Munich, Germany.

Balancing Act presents the genesis of the popular vehicle in all its facets, exhibiting over 100 varieties. Some of the incredible bicycle variations can be tested by the visitors.

The design of the Waldmeister Bicycle is minimalistic. Its quality materials are taken directly from nature, such as the wooden frame and are combined harmoniously with high-tech materials like carbon and titanium.

After the end of the Special Exhibition on July 22, 2018 the innovative masterpiece of green mobility will be transferred to the permanent exhibition at the German Museum Munich. It is the highest honor for the Designer Marcus Wallmeyer to have his work shown at one of Germany´s most famous museum.

Special thanks to TUNE and XENTIS which sponsored stunning components and wheels!



Text: Myriel Hauser, Marcus Wallmeyer, Sandra Jaksch | Photo: Deutsches Museum | 27.03.2018